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Ready, Set, Race!

Pick a weekend in Colorado—literally any weekend—and odds are that somewhere within our state’s boundaries, you’ll find a bunch of sweaty people sporting race bibs, timing chips, and an array of moisture-wicking, speed-enhancing, heart-rate-tracking gear. They might be on bikes or wearing skis or in kayaks. Maybe they’re just hoofing it in sneakers. It could be a snowy January day in the city or a scorcher in July on a high mountain pass. The exact details of each competition—be it a 5K, a century ride, or a backcountry ultra-grind—are mostly irrelevant. What is important to note? Friendly (albeit high-caliber) athletic competition is a way of life here in the Centennial State.

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The More You Know

Colorado’s economy is good. Really good. We’ve got the seventh-fastest job growth rate in the country. Plus, we’re a top 10 state for venture capital (as a percent of our GDP) and in the top five states for small-business innovation research grants. Yep, we’re calling it a boom—and, according to the Metro Denver Economic Development Corporation, there are nine industries in the nine-county metro Denver region that are driving our state’s roaring economy.

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Peace Out (cover story)

We know there are circumstances under which no amount of sage advice or mental TLC will soothe the soul. For many of us, though, feeling unsettled, disgruntled, or burnt out is the result of multiple ongoing factors we can address. So we sought the guidance of professionals and everyday people who’ve carved their own paths to healing or fulfillment. Our hope is that the following pages might be a toolbox of sorts, stocked with ideas to grab when you need ’em. Here, our guide to de-stressing, simplifying, and living a more peaceful life.

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Top Denver Design (cover story)

The results of 5280 Home’s first Top Denver Design contest are in, and we’ve got a serious case of house envy. Our editors sifted through image after image of breathtaking rooms, yards, and exteriors to find the most beautiful spaces across a spectrum of styles, and it wasn’t easy: Colorado design pros and homeowners are bringing new levels of style to the Mile High City. Here, we’ve curated the top 14 nooks, facades, and sanctuaries we’re lusting after. Take a peek and take notes—it just might be time for your own long-awaited redesign.

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Family Ties (cover story)

Too often, people talk about our city’s power players as an elite cabal of the über-rich. But in an ancient town like Boston, family names are worth far more than any Forbes ranking. Power, at its core, is about having a lasting voice that effects change, whether you were born into a stately Brahmin house or got your start pushing a souvenir cart outside Fenway. Many families on this list—all include at least two successive generations—first made their mark here decades or centuries ago: a rags-to-riches tale of launching a business just to stay afloat only to reach unimaginable heights. Today, we know those humble beginnings as empires built on the inherited wisdom, work ethic, and ambition passed down from generation to generation. From our biggest money movers and development moguls to our most dedicated public servants and media pioneers, here are Boston’s power families.

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The FoCo Official Un-Ski Guide (cover story)

NoCo's glorious winter brings weekends on the slopes and epic powder days. And if we're honest, traffic and crowds. The beeline west every Saturday morning—especially holiday weekends—slows to an excruciating crawl without fail, and don’t get us started on the Sunday evening commute out of the mountains. Luckily we’ve got eight other ways to play on a frosty afternoon—from lazy hot-springs soaks to adrenaline-rush adventures. No waiting in line required.

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Sitting Pretty (cover story)

Denverites aren’t known for their vanity—not in the way that, say, Los Angelenos or Miamians are known for their high-gloss, high-maintenance (and sometimes highly enhanced) facades. But just because those of us who live a mile high don’t go for the Barbie doll look doesn’t mean we don’t work at it a bit. “Colorado’s definition of beauty is just a little more healthy, sporty, active, and outdoorsy,” says Dr. Cory Dunnick of the University of Colorado Cosmetic Services center. “People here tend to go for more natural results.” In other words, Coloradans aren’t above a little augmentation (yes, we’re talking plastic surgery as well as less invasive procedures); they simply have different ideas about what constitutes beauty—and how to attain it.

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Beneath the Surface (co-bylined)

The United States holds enough oil and gas to power the country for hundreds of years, and Colorado is at the center of the search for energy resources. Using a controversial process called hydraulic fracturing—better known as fracking—and new drilling techniques, oil and gas companies are able to extract these previously inaccessible fossil fuels. These technologies may be the biggest step yet toward securing our energy independence. But at what cost?

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Destination Spa Guide

Even if you’ve just driven up the hill for a quick weekend away from Denver, there’s something about visiting a spa on vacation that seems especially indulgent. We scouted out a range of high-country spas—you know, for some extra encouragement to schedule that appointment you were already dreaming about. Plus, we revisit some tried-and-true urban favorites, scope out spas with a twist, and give you the 411 on spa etiquette. Go ahead. Get pampered. You deserve it.

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