Over the course of my career, I have edited the FOBs (front-of-the-book sections) of two major city magazines (Denver and Chicago) and countless features and service journalism packages, plus spearheaded the editorial content for the launch of a Webby-honored website. This is a sampling of pieces I have edited, written by a variety of award-winning journalists.

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Chain Reactions

Labor shortages, inventory delays, transportation bottlenecks: Much to the frustration of disgruntled consumers everywhere, these are the day-to-day struggles that outdoor brands of all sizes have faced since the pandemic began. Painful supply chain disruptions have piled up across the globe, with companies being forced to scale back or shut down entirely. And the turmoil can’t be traced to a single source because each hurdle is intimately intertwined with the next. Analysts predict that these troubles could last into 2023. To survive, businesses must continue being patient, creative, and flexible. Here are five case studies in resourcefulness.

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Denver's Digital Health Boom

Medical care is no longer confined to the doctor’s office. Or even, sometimes, to an actual doctor. That iPhone in your pocket now has the capability to diagnose your cough, answer insurance questions, and get you pregnant…or at least help the process along. Digital health (think: smartphones, social networks, and internet applications that provide patients with health information and better access to physicians) encompasses everything from Fitbits to electronic medical records to telehealth—and the trend is booming in Colorado.

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Inside the Drug Epidemic That's Killing Coloradans

No one ever thinks he’s going to become addicted to drugs: You know better, or you’ve got too much going for you. Especially in Colorado, celebrated as the land of the happy and healthy, it’s easy to assume we’re immune from problems with drug abuse, which seems more applicable to the lifestyles of international celebrities (such as Prince, who died of a fentanyl overdose last April) or unsavory happenings elsewhere. Thinking this way keeps the uncomfortable truth at a distance: Drug overdose is now the leading cause of injury death for Americans ages 25 to 64, and the primary culprit is a class of drugs called opioids.

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The Pursuit of Happiness (cover story)

Coloradans have every reason to be well adjusted and super content: After all, we’re surrounded by majestic natural beauty; we enjoy near-constant sunshine; our lifestyles are active and healthy; and our friends like to play as hard as they work. In fact, according to the 2013 Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index, Colorado is the seventh happiest state in the nation. (Worth noting: We’ve dropped from number two in 2012.) Our peers agree: Colorado residents are always landing on someone’s definitive list of the happiest, fittest, most dateable people in the country. By all accounts, we’re living the dream…right? Well, maybe. We asked experts to help us dig into what happiness looks like, where Colorado is falling short, and how we can find more satisfaction and fulfillment in our (already pretty awesome) lives.

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